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Whole30 Certified Coach!

Oh my goodness! You guys! I’m OFFICIAL! Check out my Bio!

2 weeks ago I got the news that I had passed all the coaching certification and I was now an actual Whole30 Certified Coach. Then I worked 2 days and went on vacation. haha. Things have been a bit crazy the last week. Meeting with my bosses and trying to figure out how we are going to do things now that I am certified. But also I’ve been researching and trying to figure out what and how I am going to do things online as well. I think I got it all figured out, got my website mostly up and running and it just feels so awesome.

I cannot tell you enough how excited I am for this opportunity. I was such a mess before I found Whole30 and I just hope that I can help a few people change their lives in the magnitude that it has helped me. I had a client at work on her day 25 come into my office and hug me and just rave about how amazing she felt and how thankful she was to have found this program. She had struggled with old injuries inflaming anytime she was active and guess what? SHE DOESN’T HAVE ANY! Talk about a non-scale victory!! 🙂 It made my week!


I am open to any feedback you may have about Whole30 Coaching options.

For people who are local to the Yakima Valley- Let me know what you might be looking for, what would be useful, any type of in person coaching, etc.

For people who are not local to me- What type of virtual coaching would you like to see besides FB groups, Facetime calls, recipes, store specific shopping guides, etc.

I want to help you all be as sucessful as possible with your Whole30s and your food freedom! If there is any way I can besides what I am already offering, let me know! Thank you again for all of your support and prayers! It’e been quite a journey so far!







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