Whole 30

You did Whole30, now what?

Good morning beautiful people!

Here we are, Day 31 of Whole30 and you might be wondering, “Uhhh….so now what?” Or you might just be eating Whole30 and having a dance party! (Which I suggest! 😉 )

There are 4 steps I would highly recommend for anyone who is finishing Whole30.

Step 1- Reflect. Evaluate. Journal. There is an amazing guide on the Whole30 website that you can find here. This is huge for guiding you through all of your experiences. If you don’t feel like you’ve gained much from Whole30, fill out this non-scale victory checklist and see how much things have changed for you. If you still feel like Whole30 didn’t work for you, check this article out.

Step 2- Slowly, Systematically, reintroduce food. I will always suggest for people to keep a journal while going through this process. It’s like a science experiment to see how your body reacts to certain food groups. There is a ton of information that will help HERE. If you need additional help, I am always here for guidance.

If you have the book Whole30 Day by Day, it is packed full of information to help you through the reintroduction phase, gives you sections to track meals and journal how you feel afterwards. It is SO helpful!

Step 3- Share!! Don’t be afraid to share the successes you’ve had with Whole30. Everybody is different and has different victories while or after doing Whole30. Don’t be afraid to share your individual results. You should be proud of yourself!! Step 3 Guide.

Step 4- FOOD FREEDOM! This is where this term comes in. Taking what you have learned, and now implementing that into the next phase of your life and hopefully, forever! This Step 4 Guide is so helpful and inspiring! This is where we take off the training wheels, and you learn how to make this last! If I can do it, so can you. Another really good resource that helped me find my food freedom is the book Food Freedom Forever- Buy it here.

I hope this information is helpful and that you guys had an amazing January Whole30. I would love to hear your stories!! Email me at  mamaward30@gmail.com

Have an amazing Wednesday! I will be hosting at Whole30 potluck tonight. If you live in the Yakima area, I’d love to have you!


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