Life After Whole30

Whole30 Coaching Project

Hi Friends, happy sunday!

Good news, I’ve made it to Track 3 of 4 for my Whole30 Coach certification!!!

*Does a happy dance*

I am so excited for this opportunity!! This is my dream job!! The Whole30 team really leaves track 3 up to you. They want you to come up with some sort of resource for the Whole30 community. So instead of coming up with something myself, I got ideas from my Whole30 groups and followers on Instagram. I asked all of them, “What could I create that would help you the most with your Whole30?” Almost all of them said that they would be interested in the recipes that I use personally throughout my Whole30 resets and Food Freedom. I do not claim to own or have come up with all of these recipes personally. I have modified them to make them my own. They are all staples in my house and I could not be happier to share them with all of you! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!!

Click the link below to check them out!!

My Favorite Whole30 Approved Recipes

Have a blessed day!!




aka Mama Ward 😉

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