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Whole30 Certified Coach!

Oh my goodness! You guys! I'm OFFICIAL! Check out my Bio! 2 weeks ago I got the news that I had passed all the coaching certification and I was now an actual Whole30 Certified Coach. Then I worked 2 days and went on vacation. haha. Things have been a bit crazy the last week. Meeting with… Continue reading Whole30 Certified Coach!

Life After Whole30

Whole30 Coaching Project

Hi Friends, happy sunday! Good news, I've made it to Track 3 of 4 for my Whole30 Coach certification!!! *Does a happy dance* I am so excited for this opportunity!! This is my dream job!! The Whole30 team really leaves track 3 up to you. They want you to come up with some sort of… Continue reading Whole30 Coaching Project

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New year, new discipline.

We all know it's coming. It happens every year! You know, the season of resets, fresh starts, and resolutions. I've always had a love/hate relationship with the New Year because I had always been awful with self control and never had enough discipline to stick with anything worth sticking to. That was until I learned… Continue reading New year, new discipline.