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Costco Whole30 Shopping Guide

Well Hello there lovelies,

So I hear you all love Costco as much as I do. It sucks me in every time! It’s almost as bad as Target. You go in for one thing, come out with 30 different items that do not include the one you went in for. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this! haha.

Anyways- I have had a lot of requests from clients for more shopping guides. So, I took what I had done on Instagram for January Whole30 and turned it into a shopping guide. I know that Costco carries a lot of seasonal items and that sometimes they are very hard to come by. I tried to leave any of those items out.

There are a couple items that are not on the list because they were boring and I didn’t have pictures but I almost ALWAYS buy at Costco.

So here’s a couple of those-

Lettuce, cucumbers, avocados, bananas, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, potatoes, onions, asparagus, chicken breast and thighs, steak, coconut oil and grass fed ground beef.

Always delicious and high quality. I’m never disappointed. I’ll go ahead and attach the document below!



Costco Whole30 Shopping Guide

As a mom, Costco is one of my favorite stores. It’s up there along with Target. It is one of the primary places I get most of my groceries every month. While eating Whole30 or not. Here are some fantastic Whole30 finds I’ve found at Costco- and the best part- they are catching on and keeping bring in more and more compliant products. Keep in mind that Costco carries a lot of things that are seasonal, so you may or may not be able to find them from time to time.


Produce- I buy 90% of my produce from Costco. Fruit and vegetables! It is always quality, and they always have an abundance of choices. They are also starting to carry items like this that make life easier.


Proteins- Most all of the proteins we eat, we also purchase from Costco. Steak, Chicken, Ground beef, pork, Ground turkey, etc. I will also include photos of some of my favorite pre-cooked proteins.



Whole30 Books

At the beginning of the year I noticed that Costco was carrying 3 of the Whole30 books. The original Whole30 book, Whole30 Day by Day, and the Whole30 cookbook. I’m not certain that they have all 3 still, but I know for sure they have this one. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone going through the program. Even if you have done it before- it is a fantastic tool.


Rx Bars-


These are a great emergency food! BUT not all of these are compliant. The reason I’m sharing this picture is because the chocolate sea salt are compliant but the chocolate pb is not. But it is the best deal I’ve see around so, I suggest buying them and saving the chocolate PB for your food freedom. What does that mean? When you do not have access to fresh, complaint meals, this is the next best thing (Or compliant Larabars). Besides a meat protein bar like Epic or DNX bars! Also- If you find that these make you crave chocolate, try to stay away from them. Check out this article for the reasoning behind the rule – https://whole30.com/tag/swypo/ 😊


Dried Fruit-


Most dried fruit is hard to find without added sugar or sulfates. These mangoes and apricots made by this brand are delicious!! Great for a snack but beware of eating these with “no breaks”.


Hot Sauce-


There is sugar in A LOT fo different hot sauces. Most of my personal favorites have sugar- Sriacha, Cholula, Tapitio, etc. You HAVE to read your labels. This is a prime example why. Most people wouldn’t assume there would be sugar in hot sauce.


Avocado Oil-


First off, this is the cheapest you’ll find Avocado oil ANYWHERE. Second off, this stuff is so good. Perfect for making your own mayo or mayo based sauces. The flavor is super light and perfect for roasting veggies in or whatever your heart desires.


Chicken Stock-


If you’ve eliminated sugar from your diet before, you will know its literally in everything. Like Chicken broth or stock. Why, I don’t understand but guess what? THIS ONE IS COMPLAINT. And a fantastic value I might add. Yay! Thank you Costco!


La Croix-


This has been a staple in my house since I first did Whole30 over 2 years ago. Costco has been carrying 2 different 24 packs recently. Any flavor of these are complaint. We love them all!


Kirkland Lower Sodium Bacon-


One of THE hardest things to find while doing Whole30 (unless you live close to a Whole Foods) is complaint bacon. Because during the curing process most people use sugar, it is a challenge to find it without. This one is complaint!!! Make sure you find the “LOWER SODIUM” one. Costco carries 2 different Kirkland brand bacons and the other one is NOT complaint.


Pre-peeled Hard Boiled Eggs-


If you are a fan of hard boiled eggs, these are amazing. I didn’t buy them for the longest time because I didn’t think it was worth the convience. I have since changed my mind. Especially for active people or people who work. Fast, easy, and approved.


True Story Chicken Sausages


These sausages are great for just about anything. I like to chop them up and cook them with potatoes or eggs. They have great flavor and are also very good on the grill!


Teton Waters Polish Sausages-


These things are so good. We eat these constanly in my house with complaint saurkraut. (Farmhouse Cultures) They have great flavor and would go with almost anything. They great to keep on hand for quick easy meals.


Kirkland Smoked Pulled Pork-


This stuff has quickly become one of my favorite proteins I purchase from Costco. It’s crazy delicious. Very versatile, good flavor without being over powering, and SO easy to warm up and eat. You’ve gotta try this stuff.


Organic Wholly Guacamole-


Not all of the guacamoles this brand offers are compliant, but this one is! I’m a huge fan of anything with avocados and this stuff is yummy, great for when avocados aren’t in season, and totally complaint.


Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausages


These are by far my favorite sauages that are Whole30 complaint. You can add them to anything and they are delcious. They have a very mild flavor and tend to take on any flavors you cook with. I think EVERYONE should keep these in their fridge while doing Whole30.

Superfood Salad mix-


This mix comes with its own dressng, dried cranberries, and seeds. I typcially do not use any of those except the seeds. I’m fairly certain the cranberries have added sugar, so look out for that. BUT I love this mix. Its great to add to any salad or even cook it on the stove top for a specific recipe!

Organic Cauliflower Rice-


This stuff makes life so easy. I know a lot of people miss the texture of rice and such while on Whole30. This stuff is cheap, and easy to make a “rice” type of meal.


Pre-cut Butternut Squash-


Who likes cutting butternut squash? No one. Haha. This is so easy and tasty. Once again, all you have to do is cook it. I love to roast this in the oven.



I hope that you found this to be useful!! If you are interested in Whole30 Coaching- Check out my post- I just dropped my prices!!







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