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My favorite Whole30/Paleo breakfast items and recipes.

Well, hello again!! 🤗

I wanted to take some time and talk about breakfast. Most people I’ve talked to, especially those who work early and/or full time, the number one reason for not eating breakfast is, “I don’t have time in the morning!” Or “I’m just too tired!”

For the longest time as a stay at home mom, my breakfast was consistently half a pot of coffee. Until about 12-1pm when I was shaking and dizzy. So bad. 🙄 I’ve noticed with my own journey and with other people, those who skip breakfast have a harder time loosing weight and keeping it off. Now, I’m not a doctor nor have I done any studies, but from personal observation, this is what I’ve noticed. So what is the solution. EAT MORE FOOD! 😊 That’s not usually ever a problem for anyone. Haha. Here are some of my favorite breakfast items and recipes-


When I’m in a rush and don’t have time to make anything or have anything prepped, I always go for a RXBAR. Most of these are Whole30 compliant. The peanut butter one is not but man, it’s delicious.

I find these locally at Trader Joes (limited flavors) as well as Marlene’s Market (limited flavors). Now that I’ve tried all of the flavors and know which ones are my fave, I order them by the box of 12 on Amazon. It’s so nice! Now, if you are doing Whole30 you will read in the book that the author recommends not eating these as meal replacements or when your sugar dragon is roaring. I couldn’t agree more. These are emergency fuel, treat them that way. My husband cannot eat breakfast like I can. He gets physically sick. In that case, I could see where this and a piece of fruit would be fine.

These Trader Joes chicken breakfast sausages have been a godsend! They have great flavor, clearly, they freeze well, and they are cheap! Every time I go to TJ’s I buy at least 2 packages of them. My whole family loves these. Every time I make them I hear, “MMmmm Mom, can I just have one of your sausages!” Haha. A staple for me now.

The organic sweet Italian sausages are also a staple in my fridge. For the longest time I was buying the Aidells Organic Sweet Basil sausages and they were good for literally everything. Then Costco stopped carrying them and started carrying these. I’m pretty happy with these. Both are Whole30 compliant.

These are great with roasted or fried potatoes and eggs, as lunch by themselves, or in other things for dinner. Lately, I’ve been cooking these bad boys up with baby potatoes and onions in my oven on convection. Crispy and delicious and all it needs is a runny egg over the top. I usually make up a big batch and eat them a couple day in a row!



This recipe my cousin found, it doesn’t sound that good, but oh my gosh, it’s amazing. I could have eaten the whole pan! Sweet potato, carmalized onion and chorizo (I used a hot pork ground sausage because I couldn’t find a compliant chorizo.)


Here is another frittata from the Whole30 Cookbook. It’s easy, delicous and reheats well. Love it. You can make it your own or just stick to the recipe. I like the mix things up and add my own spin on it. 😊



I hope this was helpful to any of you out there who are trying to find yummy healthy recipes!! Please keep in touch! Thanks for reading and I’ll keep sharing!

Maybe be you can try one of these amazing recipes for a big Saturday morning breakfast! Those are my favorite! 😊









1 thought on “My favorite Whole30/Paleo breakfast items and recipes.”

  1. Hmmm, I will definitely check out the chicken sausages at Costco. Am always on the lookout for relatively quick proteins. Sadly, we have no Trader Joe’s here in Yakima, so unlikely to try their sausages, booo. Thanks for the tips!


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