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Hello, Blog World!

Hey girl, HHHEEEYYY!!!

I’m back to the blogging world! This time with lots of changes. 2 years ago today I started a blog on word press and completely forgot about. In those 2 years there has been so many changes for me. One, not so good change was, I had gained a lot of weight and my eating habits had become a serious problem. Its not that my health was in danger (yet) but I was so unhappy and my eating habits were just making it worse.

Fast forward to February 2016 and I finally had hit a breaking point. I decided to do something drastic and try Whole 30. I was terrified because I knew I was going to go through some serious withdrawal because I had been eating so poorly. I did. I was an awful mom and wife the first week. ugh. So bad. I knew I had no one else to blame. But something amazing happened, I started feeling better, sleeping better, having more energy, better sex drive, I wasn’t tempted by food/sugar, etc, etc. SO many things started to change and I could not believe it, so I had to share it.

Now fast forward another year, February 2017, and here I am. Making my way back onto the blogging world. I recently shared my friend’s blog post about Whole 30 and how it had changed her life. She’s been blogging for a while now and said her usual number of view was in the hundreds. She said the post I had shared on FB reached over 17,000 views and that I was the only one of her friends that had shared it. I was FLOORED! Are you kidding me?! So here I am, sharing my story on another level. More in depth. More ways to share.

To say that Whole 30 has changed my life is an understatement. I think the reason I have had so much success with it over the last year (countless non scale victories and almost 40 lbs lost) is because I’ve always been interest in nutrition and healthy living. I was just so stuck and drowning in my own ice cream sorrows that I had no idea how to change. I needed something intense to completely change my relationship with food. Also- When I approached the reintroduction period the first 30 day round I did, I was terrified to reintroduce foods. Especially diary and gluten. I had self diagnosed IBS-D and I KNEW one or both of those were trigger foods for me. So I reintroduced them in very small portions, had bad reactions and avoided them like the plague. I’ve been eating diary and gluten free (mostly) for the last year. If you think you NEED either of those, you’re wrong. You NEED to fuel your body that’s it.

So where does that put me now?

Now, I am in control, not the donut that’s been sitting on my counter top waiting for my kids to come home and eat it. I can say “No!” and not think twice about it AND not miss it! As far as sharing my new found love of whole food nutrition, well that has always been there. I’ve always known better, I just didn’t want to be a hypocrite. Now, I feel like I can finally help people like I’ve always wanted to help them!  A while back I had eluded to a new business idea I had. I’m so excited to share this!! My goal for years is to go back to school to become an RN. Well, now I would love to try this business idea before anything else!

I want to go into business for myself. I know some of you local to me know the store called Marlene’s market. I would love to start my own health food grocery store. Eventually I would like to grow it into something like Marlene’s but I know that takes time. (Not in FW. We’re moving in June.) I would love to have as much local produce as possible (even grow some of it myself!), Healthy snacks, ready-to-eat breakfast and lunches that are healthy and cater towards people with dietary restrictions, honeys, nut butters, coffees, teas, kombuchas, and things you can’t find at normal stores that are more health minded like Rx bars, diary free coffee creamers, etc. I would love to see a full on cafe and espresso stand in the store someday. Then at some point start cooking classes for people who want to learn how to cook whole, healthy foods who have never been taught before! I want to be very involved in the process of getting the items locally and knowing the farmers and other business owners personally. Its a big dream, and we would have to start small and very smart. In fact we may start by farming ourselves and getting into the local farmers markets!

Its huge and would be a ton of work but I am so passionate about helping people eat healthy. I want people to find their food freedom! It’s been an incredible journey so far for me and I can’t wait to see where the future takes me! If I can help you along your journey, please don’t hesitate to let me know. My contact links are on my homepage!

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  1. Changing your life by choosing healthy foods IS an inspiration, Amanda! May all your dreams and hopes to aid others in their own similar journey prove fruitful as you continue to pursue your own good health!!

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